In addition to our small group series, we offer Mom MeetUps ("MoMU") educational classes on specific topics, taught by professionals and specialists. Find upcoming classes on our calendar.


Expectant Moms

Classes for expectant moms include preparing for labor, postpartum care for mom, newborn care, and breastfeeding. They'll be taught by professionals & specialists and will include time for group discussion and practice.


New Moms

Classes for new moms include sleep training, breastfeeding, starting solids, infant CPR, baby-wearing, traveling with a baby, and more. They'll be taught by professionals & specialists and will include time for group discussion and practice.


Moms of Toddlers & "Big" Kids

Thinking about potty training? Dealing with temper tantrums? Adding a sibling to the family? Trying to figure out how to navigate the NYC public school system? Take one of our classes on topics for toddlers and older children.


Safety Classes

Baby Bodyguards runs group safety classes for Mom MeetUps on Infant CPR, car seat installation and baby-proofing your home.

Upcoming Classes: 
Infant CPR & Safety
Sunday, January 27, 9:30-11am
Kids at Work, 123 W. 20th St., 2nd Floor


Breastfeeding Support Group

Although we’re no longer directly participating in the weekly breastfeeding support group, our friend Meredith Fein Lichtenberg (IBCLC) of A Mother Is Born is still running one every Monday at Kids at Work with a discount for Mom Key members.

Upcoming Dates:
Every Monday 11:30am – 1pm
Kids at Work, 123 W. 20th St, 2nd Floor



Sleep Workshops

Mom Key partner Carolynne Harvey of Dream Baby Sleep® runs exclusive sleep workshops for Mom MeetUps on a variety of topics to help parents through those early sleep days, toddler sleep woes, nap transitions, and more. 

Upcoming Workshops:



Parenting Workshops

We partner with various parenting experts to offer workshops on a variety of topics – including positive parenting, mindful parenting, and handling sibling rivalry.

Upcoming Workshops: 
In the works...


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