Rotate Toys and Declutter Your Home

We caught up with Allison Cohen from Organization by Allison to talk about a problem that many of us parents encounter: having our living room (or entire home) overrun by toys – including many toys our kids hardly even play with! She shared a great technique to keep kids engaged with fewer toys, while keeping the clutter and chaos in check.

Too many choices are overwhelming for kids, especially with toys. Even adults can be overwhelmed by infinite choices. It's common to walk into an overflowing closet and feel you have nothing to wear.

We've all been there. Kids are the same. When surrounded by endless toys, they seemingly are bored and have nothing to play with. Understandably, this is quite frustrating for parents. After all, these toys cost a small fortune. 

Toy rotations are a great way to avoid this vexing situation. Toy rotations limit the amount of toys that are accessible at any given time. Ideally, kids should only have ten to fifteen toys to choose from. Any more than that becomes overwhelming and the toys lose their novelty and entertainment value. 

Weekly rotations are best. Each week, kids help choose which toys will be in that week's allotment. If they still enjoy a toy, it can stay in the rotation. If not, it goes back and is replaced by a "new" toy. And, if kids ever completely lose interest in a toy, it gets removed from the rotation and is either disposed of, donated, or given to a friend who enjoys it. 

This rotating toy store will not only keep your kids enjoying and engaged in their toys, but will also prevent your home from being overrun with clutter. After all, adults don't want to live in a home that resembles Toys "R" Us.

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Whether you're preparing for a move, settling into a new home, expecting a baby, or are simply overwhelmed with clutter, Organization by Allison can help. Along with kids comes a lot of stuff and ultimately clutter, especially in Manhattan apartments. Allison can help you minimize the clutter, establish effective organization systems, and transform your home into a more peaceful, functional and enjoyable space.

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