Hospital Bag Checklist

Everyone is always asking what they should pack in their bag for the hospital. Some people bring a lot and use it all, and others don’t even end up opening their bags. It’s obviously personal, and what you use may vary depending on which hospital you go to, your length of stay, and how things go during labor. So we each put together our lists of “must-have” items, based on what we brought and actually used. Read on for Emily’s list and Rebekah’s list…


Emily’s Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Magazines and 1 book (which you probably won’t read, but just in case you’re there for a few days – I’d recommend something light but useful like Bringing Up Bébé)

  • Playing cards for during labor (if you like card games)

  • iPad preloaded with some shows

  • Phone + charger

  • Extension cord (to be able to charge your phone from your bed while in labor)

  • Snacks (trail mix, protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit, trail mix, something salty, trail mix)

  • Gatorade

  • Straw water bottle

  • Aquaphor for your lips (they get so dry during labor and in the hospital)

  • Hair elastics (and soft headband if you have bangs)

  • Comfy nursing pajamas (my favorites were Kindred Bravely)

  • Nursing sleep bra (favorites were also by Kindred Bravely – I lived in them the first few months; ok year; ok even after I stopped nursing)

  • Bathrobe

  • Slippers

  • Full-sized towel (dark-colored – you’ll get it later)

  • Flip flops in case you have to share a shower

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste (hospital may provide)

  • Face wipes (who has the energy to wash their face after labor?!)

  • Shampoo + conditioner

  • Brush, light makeup + hair dryer (for photos or just to feel a little more human)

  • Cute hat, swaddle blanket and/or outfit for baby (for hospital photos)

  • Camera (if you have a nice one other than your phone)

  • Nursing pillow (I’d recommend the My Brest Friend for first-time nursing mothers)

  • Nipple cream (my favorite was Motherlove)

  • Prenatal vitamins (you continue taking these throughout breastfeeding – I loved the Rainbow Light One)

  • Motrin, Tylenol + Colace (hospital can give you, but might be expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover)

  • Notepad + pen (to take notes during classes; or just take notes in your phone)

  • Going home outfit for baby

  • Going home outfit for yourself (leggings or a dress; no jeans!)

  • Stuff for your husband

  • Car seat

Rebekah’s Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Comfortable robe and slippers - I bought new ones and lived in them

  • Your own pillow and cozy blanket - I bought new blankets each time

  • Smith’s Rosebud Salve for lips

  • iPhone charger

  • Full toiletry bag - though many hospitals will provide you one (if you ask)

  • Face wipes/make up remover wipes

  • Luna bars

  • Water bottle

  • Comfortable - but not fancy - nursing pajamas

  • Sleep/Nursing Bra (favorites were Bravado)

  • Nursing Tanks (loved Target’s Gilligan & O’Malley brand)

  • Comfortable loose pants

  • Comfortable swaddle for baby - though they will have hospital ones for you to use

  • Flip Flops for shower

  • Bath towels for hair and body

  • Extra hair ties

  • Clothes for baby to travel home in

  • Comfortable clothes for you to travel home in

Remember, someone can always run out and pick something up at a store/home - so if you don’t have something you realize you need - it’s OK!

—> Download our combined printable Hospital Bag Checklist

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